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Maritime works in geotextile

Founded in 1994, based in the Port of Monaco, the company TRASOMAR, specialising in maritime and submarine work, has been able to use its geographical location and its know-how to become the go-to company for maritime geotextile works: permanent, environmentally friendly, aesthetic, invisible and cost-efficient underwater dikes. TRASOMAR is part of the Group of Companies J.B. PASTOR & FILS which has been established in the Principality for nearly a century.


Fighting and controlling the power of water is hard work!

Thanks to geotextile tubes, TRASOMAR can prevent and minimise damage caused by the sea, by offering solutions to government, local authorities or private individuals, an alternative to traditional maritime ripraps, facilitating swell control, making it possible to fight efficiently against beach erosion by protecting the coastline, minimising the footprint of the protective work.

The underlying principle of this solution is to use geotextile tubes initially developed by the US Army Corps of engineers, filled with supplied sand, or sand collected on site.

This efficient technology preserves the coastal landscape and underwater life, at a time when the protection of the environment is a priority for all. TRASOMAR offers you its expertise for the implementation of this technical system that fits into the landscape and is able to solve a host of problems faced by stakeholders seeking to protect their beaches and seabed, which are so essential to tourism and the protection of the quality of life of future generations!

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Current and upcoming projects

  • Maritime development work ont the coast of Sainte-Maxime