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Created in 1965 in Saint Tropez, SARL FAUCON, now MARE NOSTRUM SAINT-TROPEZ, combines yacht mooring assistance and underwater works. It joined S.A.M TRASOMAR in March 2021. The port of Saint Tropez has been using our services since 1965. In 1996, the company moved into new premises in the Colombier industrial park, in Ramatuelle (350m² warehouse, 300m² workshop and offices, 700 m² park).

The company, in accordance with the September 2017 French Act, was assessed, and approved as compliant with the requirements of the Entreprise Hyperbare PRO PPS 051 Ind 1 for hyperbaric works Mention A.

Activities :

  • Installation of floating or fixed pontoons
  • underwater concrete casting »
  • Salvage
  • Towage
  • Refloating
  • Docking
  • Beach markings (Cogolin, Gassin, Ramatuelle, St Tropez)
  • Mooring systems installation: screw anchors and/or deadweight concrete blocks
  • Various checks by GNOM (maximum depth 100m)
  • Coastal and seabed cleaning
  • Technical advisor
  • All hyperbaric port works:

– Laying and recovery of yacht mooring anchors in the port of St Tropez

– Mooring repairs in the new port of St Tropez

– Port mooring layout management

– Supply and installation of mooring blocks

– Installation of Bollards

– Installation of mooring rings…


  • MARGUEYVAN II, tugboat moored all year round in the Port of Saint-Tropez
  • LA BULLE, pontoon moored all year round in the Port of Saint-Tropez . With a length of 50m by 3.50m wide, this vessel is equipped with 2 hydraulic anchoring piles 7m high. This barge, fully equipped for divers (air distribution panels, 2 Hookah diving hoses of 40m, …) allows work to be carried out stably and safely. In addition, thanks to its crane and various hydraulic connections, we can connect several tools to it. This unit has been specifically designed for untangling, lifting (anchors, mooring rings, etc..), pumping, cutting, coring and various works in the port.
  • LA GWËL moored all year round in the Port of Saint-Tropez, with a length of 7m and a width of 2.5m, we are able to beach (voluntarily drive ashore) anywhere and in complete safety and therefore better assist the MARGUEYVAN II.
  • Diving equipment
  • All equipment required and in compliance with diving (regulatory, adapted to the situation and activity)
  • Safety equipment:
  • Bauer compressor PE250-MVE 15 m3/h 300bar service pressure
  • Diving cylinders 5×50 L 240 bars
  • 3 Kirby Morgan diving helmets (2 KMB 28 et 1 KMB 27)
  • 2 Hookah diving hoses
  • Waterproof clothing, wetsuit or drysuit
  • Diving suit harness
  • All safety equipment required for individuals’ safety.

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