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Geotextiles tubes reference

Plage du Lido

Nature of the structure

Creation of a breakwater in the form of an underwater dike consisting of geo-synthetic containers filled with sand at the Lido de Sète in Marseillan.

  • Contracting authority THAU AGGLO
  • Project Manager INGEROP / BRLI
  • Worksite Lido de SETE
  • Time frame 6 months of work for the fixed phase and 8 months for the conditional phase

Services and main quantities

  • Preparing the bottom of the trench for the breakwater: 2,000 ml
  • Supply and implementation of textile tubes: 4,780 ml
  • Supply and implementation of an anti-scour geotextile mat: 57,000 m²
  • Dredging and reloading for levelling the foundation soil: 4,500 m3
Plage du Lido
in Sète
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Underwater dike, place Marquet : Cap d'Ail
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